Inquiry Questionnaire

Welcome to the Robinowitz Education Center, a nonprofit organization with schools located in Hamilton and Princeton. Our services include Dyslexia Screenings, Dyslexia and Dyscalculia Diagnostic Evaluations, full Educational Evaluations (includes determination of General Intellectual Ability), Consultations, One-to-one Tutoring, and Professional Development.

In order to better serve your needs, we ask that you complete the following information which will be used as a tool in assessing your needs.

Please note our policy regarding payment for services rendered.

1. Full payment or a purchase order is required at the beginning of all educational evaluations and reading screenings.
2. Payment for consultations is required at the end of the scheduled visit.
3. Blocks of tutoring can be purchased ( lists the full range of tutoring package pricing)
4. The Robinowitz Education Center does not accept insurance as a form of payment.