How to Make it Work: A Collaborative Interprofessional Program in a School-Based Setting

Ms. Genna, Ms. Sandee, and Mrs. Allen are proud to be a part of the unique Speech and OT collaborative program at Newgrange. Last month they had the opportunity to present at the American Occupational Therapy Association national conference in Salt Lake City, Utah. They presented their research about their model program! The poster presentation, “How to Make it Work: A Collaborative Interprofessional Program in a School-Based Setting” highlights the Newgrange occupational therapist’s and speech-language pathologist’s value of interprofessional collaboration. Mrs. Allen, Ms. Sandee and Ms. Genna are dedicated to teaching their graduate students and improving related services for students at Newgrange!

Wilson Reading Training Scholarships

The Robinowitz Education Center received a generous gift to provide four $500.00 scholarships, donated by Boon Philanthropy. The scholarships are designated to be used for training in the Wilson Reading Program 4th Edition. Each scholarship recipient will be able to attend one of the three-day Wilson Language Program workshops offered at the Robinowitz Education Center, free of charge, in August of 2018. 

All parts of the application need to be submitted before May 15, 2018 to be considered. Please write or call Ann Winter at — 609-688-1280, ext. 210

Summer 2018 release of the 4th Edition of the Wilson Reading System

Beginning August 2018, the WRS 3 day Introductory workshop will reflect the changes and materials contained within the new edition of the Wilson Reading System. Barbara Wilson has directed all partner organizations such as the Robinowitz Education Center to cancel all WRS workshops until the new edition has been released to certified trainers. Check back soon for our August 2018 calendar of professional development.