Frequently Asked Questions

Professional Development

Do you provide your workshops in schools?

Yes, our trainers provide workshops not only at our Robinowitz Education Center, but travel throughout New Jersey and neighboring states to provide both Wilson Language Training® and our full slate of literacy/math workshops Please call our office for current pricing and travel fees.

Do participants receive a Wilson Fundations® kit when they register for Fundations workshops?

Participants of Fundations workshops do not receive the teacher’s kit as part of their registration fee. Fundations kits must be purchased separately and are not required for the workshop. Fundations participants receive a workbook to use for the workshop activities.

How many teachers can attend the on-site/in-district workshops?

Our trainers can accommodate up to 25 participants for on-site workshops.

Do you provide consultative services?

Our professional development staff consisting of Dee Rosenberg and Susan Miller, provide consultative services throughout New Jersey in the areas of literacy, assessment, and Dyslexia.


 How long do the evaluations last?

The full educational evaluation, which includes cognitive and educational testing, takes two or more sessions to complete. The age of the student, among other factors, influences the completion time. The Diagnostic Reading Assessment typically takes 2 ½ hours to complete, again depending on the age of the individual.

Do you use the term, “dyslexia,” in your reports?

When the individual meets the criteria for Dyslexia, the term is used in our reports to help provide the individual with appropriate interventions. The state of New Jersey passed legislation in 2015 mandating the inclusion of the term Dyslexia into the Special Education regulations.

What sets your evaluations apart from those performed by a neurologist or medical-based facility?

The Robinowitz Education Center is accredited by the International Dyslexia Association, and as such Dee Rosenberg and Susan E. Miller conduct all evaluations in accordance with the guidelines found on the IDA website. Dee and Susan are nationally certified Dyslexia Therapists whose clinical training involved the diagnosis and remediation of Dyslexia. When looking for evaluators, you need to have someone with a deep knowledge base of this specific learning disability with its constellation of characteristics. Too often, individuals with Dyslexia are misidentified as having other conditions, and therefore are not remediated appropriately.

Is the cost of the evaluation covered by insurance?

Depending on the outcome of the evaluation, meaning if the individual is found to have a learning disability such as Dyslexia, the cost of the evaluation may be covered by insurance. Parents are directed to share the report with their child’s pediatrician who will then process the paperwork necessary for reimbursement.